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Looking for a quality plumber to work fix or install pipes in Hawthorne? Clear All Rooter Corporation has been fixing Hawthorne, California’s piping systems since 2005. It’s a potentially dangerous job that requires the skilled hands of a professional. When you need pipe repairs or new pipes installed in Hawthorne, call the pros at Clear All Rooter Corporation to get it done right.


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Piping in Hawthorne CA by Clear All Rooter CorporationSpeedy Pipe Services in Hawthorne

There are many piping problems that require emergency service. For urgent piping repairs in Hawthorne, CA, we’ll meet you anywhere in town at any time of day. If you’ve noticed that your sink or bathtub doesn’t have the same water pressure it usually does, you probably have a leak in your pipes.

If you notice this, do not wait any longer to call a Hawthorne piping specialist. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. Call Clear All Rooter Corporation 24/7, and we’ll help you avoid costly repairs and damage to your home caused by leaky pipes.


How to Know if You Need Pipe Repair in Hawthorne

Call (424) 210-9190 immediately if you start to notice brown water coming out of your kitchen sink. Don’t drink it! It could contain rust, dirt, and minerals. The Hawthorne piping experts at Clear All Rooter Corporation will be able to use their years of expertise to diagnose the problem, and we’ll be done and out the door as soon as possible. If you have a leaking pipe, Clear All Rooter Corporation can fix it. If you have several, it's probably time to take about replacing the pipes in your Hawthorne home or office. 

Clear All Rooter Corporation make any piping system in Hawthorne more efficient and eco-friendly. One way we do this is by insulating your pipes. With insulated pipes, the hot water traveling through them will stay hotter longer, using less energy and saving you money. If you don’t like your energy bills, just call Clear All Rooter Corporation and ask what we can do!

With our round-the-clock availability and commitment to improving our customers’ piping systems with our fast and friendly service, we can help you solve any piping problem. When you think piping in Hawthorne, California, think Clear All Rooter Corporation!

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  • 5★★★★★ - "The service from Clear All Rooter was phenomenal! Christian could not have been more kind, courteous, and professional. He educated me throughout the process which I think is a great quality. They have earned my future business. Thanks team Clear All!"

    , Plumbing in Hawthorne, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian was great. He was on time, did quality work and very professional."

    , Sewer Repair in Hawthorne, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Prompt and courteous"

    , Plumbing in Hawthorne, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "After a lot of searching we selected Clear All Rooter and they did not disappoint. Christopher was very professional, informative and thorough. The installation was a little tricky due to a built in space that needed to be fitted properly and Chris took his time to do the job right. Very neat and meticulous and I am very happy with the company and Chris in particular who offered his services if there were any issues we encounter."

    , Piping in Gardena, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Every part of this experience was professional and efficient. The confirmation call gave me clear expectations about arrival time. They text me with a picture of my technician before he arrived. Christian was helpful in explaining my options and went above and beyond in finding a creative solution. I couldn't recommend him or Clear All Rooter any more highly."

    , Plumbing in Harbor City, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "good experience"

    , Clogged Drain in Long Beach, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "he was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and did it at a fair price."

    , Plumbing in Lomita, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Love this company. I originally called Clear All Rooter to get an estimate for a main sewer pipe liner, which 3 other plumbers told me I needed. Jose, came out assessed my situation and told me, not only did I not need a liner, but he could replace the main sewer line completely by bursting a new pipe, and give me the same 25 year warranty I would have gotten for a liner. He literally saved me over $5k AND the price included replacing the bricks that had to be cut into on the porch and the concrete that needed to be replaced in the driveway. Call these guys FIRST!"

    , RePiping in Carson, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "These gentlemen arrived promptly, and quickly assessed the situation in my bathroom. They did NOT just tell me what I wanted to hear, but instead informed me of the potential for serious issues in a house that was built in 1959. They proceeded with the first low-impact treatment, with options for more serious work if needed. The localized treatment (smallest, least invasive snake) cleared my drain and toilet after about 3 minutes. Christian then explained what they did, showed me a camera view, and offered a plan of attack for potential long-term care. I am very satisfied with the execution of this trouble call."

    , Clogged Drain in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Prompt, professional, efficient and clean. Price comprable to other plumbing companies. I called and spoke with Natalie explained my needs and she immetiately set up up the next available appointment. Christian (Christ) and his assistant (sorry forgot name) showed up on time. Inspected site, provided estimate, went for parts and returned within 20 minutes not an hour later. Upon return asked if they could turn off water prior to start of job. They quickly got to work and completed job within an hour. Chris came to the door asked for me to verify job. I went to the yard did not have to step over tools or old parts laying around, area was clean and job completed. Great job Chris. I recommend Clear All Rooter for your plumbing needs. I now can enjoy the rest of my one day off."

    , Plumbing in Carson, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "It was a great experience very quickly and professional. I will call them back again if I need to."

    , Plumbing in Inglewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent work and service. responded immediately and came out the same day...on the eve of New Years! Repaired the problem right away Better than my Home Warranty Service could provide. Completely satisfied"

    , Toilet Repair in Lakewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent service. This company explained the details of the estimated. Very helpful"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I was having repeated problems with my main sever line. I called Clear All and Jose quickly and professionally assessed the problem and offered more than one way to replace my main sever line. His quote was competitive and professionally written with appropriate details of the work to be performed. When the crew showed up to do the work they kept me informed of each step in the process and did an excellent job; including cleaning up and expertly filling the holes in my lawn and flower bed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clear All and will use them again for my next plumbing problem."

    in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Your guys are excellent and committed to provide a professional service, even just to come to my house and provide the estimate as requested on time. Thank You. Ishak J."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian was great. He was on time, did quality work and very professional."

    , Plumbing in Norwalk, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent, responded immediately and resolved everything flawlessly. Thank you Christopher and Jose. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Great job, highly recommend."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We needed a new updated gas valve with shutoff for our new range. They came on time and assessed and finished the job quickly. Very polite and reasonably priced. Would use them again."

    , Gas Piping in Rosewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "The technician Christian was polite, professional and quick. The companies price for unclogging a toliet is a little pricey. That is why they only go 4 stars."

    , Toilet Repair in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian (the plumber) did a fantastic job and he did take long to clear the clog out of my drain. The price was very reasonable and he was very friendly. I would DEFINITELY recommend Clear All Rooter to everyone!"

    , Clogged Drain in Bristol, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Prompt and courteous"

    , Sewer Repair in Apple Valley, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We needed a new updated gas valve with shutoff for our new range. They came on time and assessed and finished the job quickly. Very polite and reasonably priced. Would use them again."

    , Gas Piping in Bell Canyon, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent, responded immediately and resolved everything flawlessly. Thank you Christopher and Jose. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Great job, highly recommend. Tracy"

    , Sink Plumbing in Claremont, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian was great. He was on time, did quality work and very professional."

    , Bathtub Plumbing in Avon Products, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Your guys are excellent and committed to provide a professional service, even just to come to my house and provide the estimate as requested on time. Thank You. Ishak J."

    , Plumbing in La Habra, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "The night before July 4, we had a completely backed up kitchen drain.  I think it was my fault because I put some carrot peels down the disposal (which I have learned is a disposal no-no!).  We tried plunging and draino but nothing worked.  We called these guys and were very lucky that first thing in the morning, they were able to come out.  Oddly, the drain had cleared itself overnight!  (Lesson learned, always check again if your drain is clogged again before the plumber comes.)  We truly appreciated their honesty (free estimate and they just recommended we could snake or camera as a maintenance option).  We decided since it was not still clogged to skip that.  When and if we have another drain clog or other issue, they will be the first people we call.  It is great to find honest people in this business."

    , Sink Plumbing in Santa Ana, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am so glad that I picked a good plumbing company, from the many choices out there.  Spoke to Erik on the phone, and he was able to get service for my mom's house the same day.  Called 5 other companies before this one, and Clear All Rooter has fair rates and willing to do a same day job.
    Christian was the plumber that came over my mom's house, and since I was not there, my mom dealt with him, and she called me very happy to tell me how nice he was, easy to talk to and that he spoke Spanish.  My mom is extremely picky, so this was amazing news to hear.
    I spoke to Christian several times during the afternoon while he did the job, and he was very detailed about explaining the situation with the plumbing, always took the time to take my calls, answer all my questions, fixed the problem quickly and gave me great recommendations regarding the problem.  Most important, he had a great attitude.
    Next time I  have a plumbing issue again, I know who to call...( Ghostbusters)...just kidding...Clear All Rooter!!!!

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very professional and excellent work! Would definitely recommend to anyone! After a $15k project I truly couldn't be happier with the quality of work."

    , Plumbing in Lakewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian the tech who came out was very polite and honest. He quickly assessed the problem and gave me an estimate of the cost. He quickly followed up with an invoice. I've not decided yet, but will in the next couple of days, but would gladly choose this company for my plumbing needs."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Christian was great! Very honest and professional, and did a great job!"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Joseph L was OUTSTANDING! Professional. Patient. Thorough. Intelligent. If THIS Employee is a representation of Management and Clear All Rooter -- I give Clear All Rooter TEN STARS. WHY? Because I searched for plumbers - used "Angie's list' - a plumber came from Drain Right - did not have the correct equipment - worked for 30 minutes - left - told me he would return with correct equipment...NEVER Returned, NEVER called me back. I checked another plumber Tony's Plumbing Inc -- left a message - sent an email confirmation - NEVER received a call, nor email to respond to my inquiry. Called another plumber McKeever - left a message - he called and left a message. I returned his call and NEVER heard back from him. It ABSOLUTELY AMAZES me how these people remain in while exhibiting such a lack of PROFESSIONALISM. I am adding to this Review -- CLEAR ALL ROOTER COMPLETED and RE-PIPING of my ENTIRE House - Kitchen drain, Master Bathroom drain and six-inch sewer to curb in ONE DAY! ONE DAY! JAIME, POPS, CHRISTIAN. You Men are AMAZING! THANK YOU! CLEAR ALL ROOTER - Ethical! Honest! MORE than FAIR! ABSOLUTE BEST PRICE. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend you call them if you have ANY problems with your home that requires Plumbing!"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Professional!!!!! Friendly and did the job."

    in Carson, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very fast, efficient and affordable. Joseph did a great job for our blockage mainline. Would definitely recommend them!!"

    , Clogged Drain in Inglewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent service. Christian was great! Prompt and very professional. Did not try to upsell. Would recommend them without any hesitation."

    , Plumbing in Long Beach, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We woke up to limited hot water and once it ran out, there was no more. I found All Clear Rooter on Home Adviser for a same day appointment. Jose called me to confirm the appointment and who would be coming out. Joseph arrived between the scheduled time and did what he could to examine the problem. Once he determined we needed a new water heater he confirmed that they needed to find it before the suppliers closed. He was able to locate one and confirmed he would be back to install it later that evening if it was ok. As promised he came back that evening and worked very hard to make sure I had hot water before I left. Jose also kept me informed while Joseph was out obtaining the water heater. Overall I am very satisfied with the service and pleasantry of the guys and company."

    , Water Heater in Inglewood, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "kitchen faucet replaced. No drama. Straightforward. Fair price."

    , Faucet Repair in Long Beach, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Absolutely fantastic! Got a same day appointment not knowing what to expect from Clear All Rooter but Christian arrived and took the time to explain the details of the job without surprises or hidden fees. An estimate was fairly priced and even came lower than expected. Overall, we’re very happy with the outcome (cleared drain blockage) and Christian was very professional and competent. Highly recommend them."

    , Clogged Drain in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "great service! Christian came and fixed a leak on a 1/2in Main quickly and Professionally! Outstanding work and fast response! Hats off to the team and Christian for all there Hard work and dedication!"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jose the owner of the company came within an hour of my initial call. He addressed the problem and with his knowledge and patience, he explained the situation in terms that I could understand. He was efficient, polite, professional, and friendly which made it easy for me to converse with him. I appreciated the picture of Jose that was sent prior to his arrival so I knew who to expect and also appreciated the text messages and updates that were sent by the company. I am very happy with the solutions Jose suggested and am anxiously waiting for the project to start. I definitely recommend Clear All Rooter Corporation. Thank you guys...you are awesome!!!"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Awesome Service. Christian was fast and nice. Easy AA++"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great experience!!! Christian and his partner were very nice and polite. Very honest and very knowledgeable."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "These guys saved the day when the kitchen sink backed up. I couldn't be happier with the quality of work and professionalism of this team. We received text message updates throughout the day with the status of our tech. At the follow-up appointment, they arrived on time and once again impressed us with their work. Highly recommend!"

    , Sink Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I think we got our plumber from now on. Very communicative and honest. Great work and great price. I would definitely recommend them."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Emergency service call over the weekend and these guys delivered. Snaked the main line and got us going again. Very prompt, courteous and professional.. highly recommend."

    , Emergency Service in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great work and a great experience. Hot water heater died shortly before my wife finished a half marathon and just wanted a hot bath after. As a super-husband, I took matters into my own hands and called Clear All to fix it. Christian was on time to assess the situation. They installed the next day and they showed up early (only after calling to ask if it was ok to be early). Thumbs up on customer service. The new water heater is high quality and the installers even cleaned up some plumbing that was done poorly when the old unit was put in. I appreciate them doing quality work instead of the least amount of work possible, even though it was a flat-rate service. They left the work area cleaner than they found it. We've found our go-to for any future issues."

    , Water Heater in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They were fast, professional, and clean. They quickly diagnosed and resolved the issue."

    , Emergency Service in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Came in and Out, they were fast and efficient. Told me that what they did was an easy fix and that I should look into replacing some plumbing because it was an old building. They were cool as well"

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Can’t say enough great things about these guys. Water heater went out and wanted to convert to tankless. They got me hot water in one day and finished the job in three, including a whole house drain replacement which they found (and other contractors didn’t). They weren’t the cheapest estimate but they use better quality products and the estimates include everything. I’ll be calling them back for a mainline replacement."

    , Water Heater in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Located and repaired slab leak caused by a pinhole in a corroded pipe under cement patio. Patched up the hole by pouring new concrete. Chris and Jaime were honest, fast, and clean. Excellent job!"

    , Plumbing in Long Beach, CA

  • 4★★★★☆ - "We live in a condo complex. We kept getting notes on our door that we were leaking into downstairs unit.Hired Clear All Rooter to be proactive neighbors. Got all our questions answered, found we were not leaking. Went to the unit below where we kept getting notes that we were leaking into his unit. (We told the owner that Clear All was coming today between 9-10 so plz be there so we could access and see damage). The owner decided not to be there. Christian left a note on his door detailing the visit and leaving your business #. Balls in neighbors court to contact you. 100 percent will use you for any future plumbing issues!"

    , Plumbing in San Pedro, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They were helpful, skilled and friendly. They were also understanding of my time constraints. They were great."

    , Water Heater in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "i interviewed 10 plumbers Clear All Rooter was by far the best If you are lucky to get Jose you will have the pleasure of meeting a fantastic person. so knowledgeable about EVERY THING and NEVER got tired of explaining the work over and over making my mind at ease the work was outstanding completely professional for a very good price in fact they beat all the competition no ups no extras hope you are lucky to get Jose the brother of the owner he is completely knowledgeable so i strongly urge you to call Clear All Rooter thanks Dan H"

    , Gas Piping in Redondo Beach, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Responded timely to my request and technician (Christian) arrived when they said he would. Christian was professional and knowledgeable and completed the job quickly. Will not hesitate to hire again in the future."

    , Water Heater in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Professional with respect to customer service, project management (Jose), and service technician (Christian). The were flexible with my schedule and kept me updated with all details pertinent to the job at hand."

    , Commercial Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very professional and courteous. Christian was very professional and did very good work. I will hire again."

    , Plumbing in Torrance, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They were very professional and kept me informed about the work that was being done."

    , Sewer Repair in Gardena, CA

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